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🌱 Imagining Multispecies Belonging 🌱: A Recipe Book

Much of my recent work has grown out of seeking innovative, slow and creative ( - and often old ) ways of fostering stronger human-nonhuman relationalities. This has come to involve practice-research that is situated and attuned, focusing on collective modes of placemaking and imagining better mutual futures. As such, I'm pleased to have had the opportunity to have been involved with the emerging Collective Imagination Practice Community and their array of happenings, and even more pleased to have been awarded a small grant to take forward a project that has been seeding in my mind for sometime now.

This new project "Imagining Multispecies Belonging" is a small-scale, collaborative zine of recipes and stories relating to more-than-human collective imagination practices. As part of this, I am inviting submissions that align with this practice, with a focus on those that enrich (or otherwise confront/challenge the barriers to) human-nonhuman relationalities.

Similarly, I will also be looking for a few new or existing friends to review (test, and play with!) the recipes that emerge, and support the curating side of things, so please do reach out if this appeals to you.

Deadline for submissions of recipes and stories is around October 2023, so if you are an artist, practitioner, facilitator, activist or imagineer of any other form, please do take a full look at all the project details via the link below.

I really can't wait to share more on this as it develops.


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