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Imagining Multispecies Belonging

In 2023 thanks to funding received through the Collective Imagination Practice Community (via Joseph Rowntree Foundation) I was able to embark on “Imagining Multispecies Belonging”: a project seeking to offer tangible practices for dismantling human exceptionalism and reorienting our position amongst a rich and lively more-than-human world. 

The project emerged as a zine - an anthology of ‘recipes’ from activists, artists, conservationists, researchers and academics, educators and facilitators and more who are working to address the existential threats of the prevailing human-nonhuman disconnect. My role involved curating a diverse collection of contributions from practitioners across disciplines. These entries, ranging from step-by-step guides to poetry, reflections, meditations, stories, and captivating imagery, collectively painted a vivid picture of multispecies, more-than-human connections. 

Imagining Multispecies Belonging

collaborative zine


2023 - 2024

Upon its completion in early 2024, copies of Imagining Multispecies Belonging were made available to practitioners across disciplines. The decision to offer them freely, (with a nominal contribution for postage and packaging) was grounded in a commitment to accessibility. A few copies still remain at the time of writing, so get in touch if you would like one. Simultaneously, an online PDF version has been made available.


I view the completion of the zine as a beginning rather than an ending, itself functioning as a foundational seed for future growth and new modes of collaboration with a wider network of practitioners. You can follow the journey on the dedicated instagram account: @multispeciesbelonging

My gratitudes are extended to all contributors in the project, all those practicing this urgent work, to the Collective Imagination Practice Community, and to the other innumerable and diverse collaborators—human and nonhuman alike. 


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